Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd.?
Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd., part of Holidaybreak Plc, is the UK's premier hotel booking agent. Voted No. 1 by Travel Agents for 12 consecutive years, we are the preferred choice for availability, hotel prices and reservations throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and the US.

With over 1700 hotels in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, we provide accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements, from value to luxury. We have recently added over 400 hotels across Europe, including hotels in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Scandinavia and beyond, and we are continually expanding. is the official website for Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd. offering online availability and reservations at a unique range of 2 to 5 star properties. The website also offers online reservations for airport hotels and parking, and theatre breaks. aim to offer the best hospitality in over 700 destinations around the UK, Europe and the USA. Incorporating many of the highest quality hotel brands and independent hotels, has hotel accommodation for every taste and budget.

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What is the Partner Programme?
The Partner Programme is a revenue sharing initiative, which allows websites to earn commission on hotel bookings made via their own website. It is free to join and run, and will enhance your website by increasing functionality without creating extra work for you.
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What will I gain from joining The Programme?
  • A highly competitive rate of commission of not less than 7.5%
  • Access to's wealth of experience and expertise
  • A revenue-earning site for your existing clients
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Who can become a Partner?
If you have a website, and the drive to earn money, Superbreak's Partner Programme could be for you. You don't need to be a travel site, and if you agree to our terms and conditions, you could be offering this great service and earning money in just a couple of hours!

We reserve the right to refuse any website containing offensive, obscene, objectionable or inappropriate content, or any website featuring a link to such a page. We reserve the right to refuse any application at our own discretion, without giving a reason.

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Can websites outside the UK join?
Absolutely. As long as you agree to our Terms and Conditions, this is fine. Please remember that all prices are stated in £ Sterling, and all commission is paid in £'s Sterling.
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What will it cost to become a Partner?
It's absolutely free.
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What will I earn, and how will I be paid?
You will earn commission on every Superbreak booking made via your website, and this will be paid to you every month (based on the booking date). Commission rates are dependent on volume of reservations taken, and revenue generated. Our rates are highly competitive, and exact rates will be negotiated upon acceptance of your initial enquiry.
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How do I track my earnings?
Superbreak will provide you with a comprehensive monthly breakdown of all revenue generated via your website. You are responsible for downloading this information from your Administration Suite.

Superbreak will provide an online Administration Suite where you can customise the presentation of your hotel service, and check your reservation performance.

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Do I need to feature the logo on my homepage?
No. Unlike other affiliate programmes, you can fully integrate the content into your own site.

The Superbreak brand will only be mentioned when qualifying whom the purchase contract is with, toward the end of the transaction. You are free to feature the service as a Superbreak-branded service, if you wish.

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What are my responsibilities?
  • Simply ensure that no content that we might deem offensive is included in your site, and do your best to promote the content. The more you do, the more you'll earn!
  • You will also ensure that your site is free from viruses, and that our intellectual property is not used unless written consent is given by Superbreak.
  • You will not engage in any unsolicited emailing or "spamming".
  • You will not reproduce any copy or design element of the website for any purpose.
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What are's responsibilities?
  • We will maintain all the content, provide customer support, and provide you with accurate and timely payment of commission.
  • We will handle all booking arrangements, negotiate rates and allocations with hotels, and deal with the shipping and handling of all documentation.
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How are my earnings tracked?
Your website will be allocated a unique ID number, which will identify all bookings made on your websites, and enabling us to calculate commission. You will also have private access to the Partner Administration Suite, where tracking and reservations can be checked.
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I don't want all the content - Can I choose what to show?
Absolutely - we can tailor the content to your needs.
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And another thing?
If we haven't already answered your question, simply contact us on and we'll get back to you at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively, call our Internet Department on +44 (0)1904 428980 (normal office hours).
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