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Superbreak Mini-Holidays Partner Programme - Terms & Conditions

Any application to join the Superbreak Partner Programme constitutes consent to adhere with the Terms & Conditions outlined herein. This is an Agreement between "you", the Partner, and Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd.



In the context of this Agreement, you are referred to herein as the Partner, and Superbreak is referred to as "we". You agree not to:

(a) Engage in any indiscriminate or unsolicited emailing
(b) Include content, or links to sites that include content, which could be deemed offensive, libellous, abusive or objectionable. Superbreak.com reserves the right to determine which material is inappropriate
(c) Use the content provided by Superbreak.com as a constituent of any price comparison feature
(d) Copy appearance of the Superbreak.com site. You will not give the impression that your site is owned or operated by us
(e) Use, or attempt to buy, any domain name containing the words "superbreak" or "superbreaks"
(f) Use any other person's copyrighted material without express written consent
(g) Advertise or publicise your affiliation with us without prior permission. We retain the right to advertise or publicise your relationship with us
(h) Use or promote the Superbreak brand name or any variation of it either through Keywords or PPC advertising. This includes Google, Yahoo, MSN and any other PPC network both in the UK and overseas.
(i) Partners may not use or promote the following hotel brand names or any variation of them either through keywords or PPC advertising. The current list is - Swissotel Hotel Group, The Hoxton Hotel London, Millennium Copthorne, Copthorne, De Vere Hotels, The Park Inn, Marriott Hotels, Radisson, Radisson SAS, Radisson Edwardian, Hilton, City Inn and the Landmark Hotel group. The Landmark group includes The Landmark, The Royal Lancaster & K West Hotel & Spa, Travelodge, Thistle Hotels, Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, InterContinental Hotels, Macdonald Hotels, Legoland and Hand Picked Hotels. All distribution partners have been asked to enforce this by the aforementioned hotel groups. Further brand names may need to be added to this list. We will notify all partners via the Partner Update and Partner Admin Suite of any changes.
(j) Superbreak reserves the right to make use of the booking information within the terms of the Data Protection Act.
(k) Affiliates will not attempt to use Superbreak data to pass-off or imitate in anyway any brand associated with the content of Superbreak.com without express written permission directly from the brand owner.

Each party agrees to be deemed an independent contractor, and this Agreement does not constitute a joint venture or other similar relationship.

Limited License

Superbreak Mini-Holidays grants you a non-exclusive, revocable right to feature the content of Superbreak.com within the context of your website. You may not alter text, graphics or layout without express written consent from Superbreak Mini-Holidays. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of the Agreement.

The Partner will not grant license to any third party to make use of Superbreak.com content.

The Partner acknowledges no ownership or claim to the proprietary rights of Superbreak.com content, including trademarks, trade names, patents and copyright. Superbreak Mini-Holidays observes that it has no claim to the proprietary rights of the Affiliate's website.

Terminating the Agreement

Either party can terminate the Agreement at any time, by written notification. Upon termination, the Affiliate agrees to remove all content of, or reference to, Superbreak.com. We will pay any due commission made prior to termination.

Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Agreement will result in immediate termination of the contract.

Business Operations

Each party will strive to maintain a functional and operational Website during normal business hours. Each party accepts that a certain amount of downtime will occur, and neither side will be responsible for compensation resulting from these interruptions. Neither party will be liable for any failure or delay in performance resulting from circumstances out with reasonable control, such as fire, flood and other acts of God.

You are responsible for the maintenance and updating of your website. As Superbreak.com is updated frequently, you will responsible for any alteration to your content, which arise as a result of these changes.


We will undertake to monitor your site, to ensure your adherence to the terms outlined herein. We will undertake to advise of any alteration or amendments we recommend to the content of your site, or that we feel is detrimental to the Superbreak.com content. We acknowledge that we will not make unreasonable demands for alterations; although we maintain the right to terminate this Agreement if we feel that the Partner is not portraying our content positively.

The Link

We will provide the Partner with the appropriate URL(s) to include Superbreak.com content. This will include a unique agent code. We will not be held liable for any lost earnings as a result of failure to include this agent code.

The Agreement

We reserve the right to alter and amend the terms of this Agreement without prior notice. You will be notified, in writing, of any amendments. If you do not agree with these terms, your only option is to terminate the Agreement. Continued participation in the Partner Programme will be considered as consent to the new terms.


Any visitor to your site, who makes a booking from the Superbreak content will be considered a customer of Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd. You agree that all Superbreak rules and policies concerning bookings, cancellations, customer service and billing will apply to those customers. We reserve the right to amend these policies without prior notice, from time to time.


Both parties agree to keep all financial and business information confidential, except where prior consent is given. This applies to customer and supplier information, and sales and pricing information.

Enhanced Partnerships

If you have applied for an Enhanced Partnership, you will be supplied with a vast range of data fields from the Superbreak database. This is expressly to enable you to incorporate Superbreak properties within the basic search criteria of your website. The data supplied by Superbreak may not be used for any purpose other than search functionality within your public-facing website.

Enhanced Partners agree to undertake fortnightly database refresh, as required by Superbreak Mini-Holidays Ltd. Superbreak Mini-Holidays undertake to provide the database regularly every two weeks. Enhanced Partners accept responsibility for the resolution of problems resulting from the use of out-of-date Superbreak data, if a database update has been supplied and not applied to the public-facing site within 48 hours of supply.

Superbreak reserves the right to conclude partnerships if it is found that the database supplied is being used for sales and marketing purposes, or any reason other than in connection with bookings via Superbreak.com. Partners must not in any circumstance contact the hotels directly to solicit direct relationships.

Any partner using images from Superbreak.com must refresh these at least 3 times per year. Partners accept responsibility for the resolution of problems resulting from the use of out-of-date Superbreak images, if these are found to be more than 4 months out-of-date.


(a) If any aspect of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason, this will not affect any other aspects of the Agreement.
(b) Superbreak's Helpdesk telephone number will appear within the pages supplied by Superbreak.
(c) You are responsible for accessing the Superbreak Partner Administration site on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in you missing important announcements from Superbreak.